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Regular Messenger Delivery

Effective Tuesday, January 2nd, 2009

Our Regular Route Messenger Service is changing to meet market demands and allow our clients to pass through almost all costs associated with each particular matter directly to their clients.

One very small monthly subscription fee starting at $25.00 for the first attorney or user per month.

All court filings or judges working copies, within our service area, no additional cost.

Next day same county, add additional day for contiguous counties and a third day for non-contiguous counties.

For all RR Subscription Clients: Deliveries to all other locations, within our service area, a reduced Off Route Fee for which you will receive a billing copy so that each delivery may be billed directly to your client.


On-demand Messenger Service

For those firms who require less of our same great daily route messenger service, we offer ON DEMAND Messenger service.

Ideal for firms who want access to route service, but whose delivery volume doesn't economically justify the flat monthly fee.

Rate: On Demand Route Messenger Service is also a subscription service that will provide a pick up at your location whenever you call for one. The monthly fee is $25.00 plus a reduced Off Route Delivery Charge (See Messenger Rates. All you need are the zip codes of the origin and the destination)
Form: On-Demand Messenger Order form
Sign up: Please contact our Sales and Marketing Representative at 206-223-9426

Special Messenger Service

If you needed the messenger service yesterday, but will settle for 30 minutes from now. That's a SPECIAL!

When your delivery cannot be done via the regular messenger service due to time constraints or other circumstance, use NW Legal Support's Special Messenger Service.

Rate: Specials are billed individually and then added to your monthly statement. An invoice will be returned with your completed special.
Form: When you call, have your name ready along with the name of your firm, telephone number, pick up/delivery address and deadline. Please include any specific details like : required signatures, notary, bulky items or same day returns.
Sign up: Call (206) 223-9426

We provide service across the street, across town, and across the state

See Messenger Rates at nwlegal.com (All you need are the zip codes of the origin and the destination)

To further control costs, consider emailing or other electronic transmission of the documents and we will charge from our office closet to the destination