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Process Service

Process Service is delivery or service of any document authorized by statute, rule, ordinance, regulation or court order that is evidenced by sworn proof of service (declaration) and signed by the person effecting the service.

Standard service of Process upon a person, marital community, or business at one address: Includes unlimited attempts, mileage, return fee, documents fees, narrative declaration when required and at your option, filing the original proof of service with the court.

Routine Service - When we have at least a week to complete the job.
Rush Service - Must be served within 4 days or less.
Rush Service, Today - Need it done today? Sure! We can do that.
Forwarding - throughout the State, Nationwide or Internationally.
Super-Serve - Is this guy tough to find? Evading? You might need a Super-Serve.

Service Requirements vary greatly depending on factors such as court jurisdiction and the type of document(s) being served.

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