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Process Service - Super Serve

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If we don't serve, you don't pay
We overcome problem subjects with special techniques for special circumstances.

When a targeted individual is, likely to be, or is known to be, evasive or otherwise difficult to serve, extra ordinary methods are often necessary. Super Serve

We will do what is necessary, short of committing a crime, to get your documents served.

Extensive advance preparation goes into each Super Serve. Process servers who are assigned to these cases have decades of experience and in most situations will not be assigned to other cases until the current case is resolved. Fees vary depending on the facts of each case and each subject, and will be quoted in advance.

Super Serve Exceptions

International Service of Process
When Service of Process that does not require compliance with the terms of The Hague Convention or other international treaties is needed, we have contacts and agents worldwide, or we may fly an agent in.

Contested Service of Process
We are experts in overcoming allegations of improper service. Contact Ron Belec who has testified or provided support service in at least five thousand contested service matters over the past twenty years.

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